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Add Layers to ArcGIS Online from Zip,Text, and GPS Exchange Files

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ArcGIS Online has enabled the capability for you to add layers from a file such as a shapefile compressed into a zip file, delimited text file (.txt or .csv), or a GPS Exchange file (.gpx) when creating a map using the free online map viewer.  This allows even more functionality and map creation possibilities when using the map viewer to develop maps.

The map viewer acts similar to other ArcGIS programs such as ArcMap and draws the features by using the location information as well as stores any attribute information that is included with the data.  By including the attribute information, the map viewer allows you to create pop-up windows for your map based on this data.

To add a layer from a file from the map viewer:

–        Click “Add”

–        Click “Add Layer from file”

–        Navigate to the file location on your computer

–        Click “Import Layer”

If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can import the data directly by dragging the data from your computer and dropping the file into the map

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding features from a file:

–        Delimited text files must have latitude and longitude information stored in separate fields

–        The map viewer will display the first 1000  waypoint, track, and/or route features from a GPS exchange file

–        You must compress the shapefile into a .zip file which must contain the .shp, .shx, .dbf and .prj files that comprise a shapefile.  In addition, the zip file and shapefile must have the same name and be under 1 MB since larger datasets will experience poor performance

Interested in learning more?  GeoSpatial Training Services is offering an introductory course on the basics of working with ArcGIS Online.

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Special Offer on Python GIS Programming Bootcamp

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We’ve got a special offer for you this week only!  When you purchase our self-paced GIS Programming 101 for ArcGIS 10: Mastering Python course we’ll send you a discount code for the Python GIS Programming Bootcamp course equal to the amount you spent for the course ($129).  Offer good through September 10th.

 The Python GIS Programming Bootcamp will be comprised of 3 courses scheduled back to back with a one week break between each.

 Each of the courses is instructor guided and self-paced. You also have access to all course materials for an entire year so if you need extra time it’s not a problem!

 We are going to limit this first session to 20 participants so don’t wait to register. We expect it to fill very quickly given the popularity of our GIS Programming 101 for ArcGIS 10 course.

Suggested pre-requisite: GIS Programming 101 for ArcGIS 10: Mastering Python

 The three courses that will be part of this bootcamp are listed below:

Intermediate Python Programming Concepts for GIS Programmers

  • File Handling
  • Persistent Storage with DBM Files and Pickling
  • Reading and Writing XML, JSON, and CSV Files
  • Reading and Writing from Enterprise Geodatabases
  • Reading and Writing Archives (zip, tar, etc)
  • Sending Email
  • Internet Communication
  • Processing HTML

Course dates: October 17th – October 28th

Open Source GIS Programming with Python

  • Introduction to Open Source GIS Programming
  • Making Life Easy with Python Templating Technologies
  • Programming OGR for Vector Data
  • Programming GDAL for Raster Data
  • KML Programming with Python
  • Writing to a PostGIS Database with Python

Course dates: November 7th – November 18th

Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python

  • Updating and Fixing Data Sources with ArcPy.Mapping
  • Using Python to Creating Geoprocessing Tasks
  • Accessing ArcGIS Server REST Services
  • Advanced Cursor Topics for Searching, Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data from Feature Classes and Tables
  • Advanced Tool Creation
  • Convert GPS Data to Geodatabase
  • Creating a Map Book with ArcPy.Mapping
  • Creating Scripts with ModelBuilder
  • Introduction to the Spatial Analyst Module
  • Creating Add-Ins for ArcGIS Desktop with Python
    (10.1 topic)
  • Managing a Geodatabase with Python (10.1 topic)

Course Dates: November 28th – December 9th

 Bootcamp Price is $697

 Don’t want to take all 3 courses but are still interested in one or two? You can register for them individually.

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