Arc2Earth V3 Coming Soon!

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The folks at Arc2Earth have been busy working on V3 of their popular Arc2Earth software for converting and publishing your ArcGIS data to view in Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing, and OpenLayers.

V3, which will be released in beta soon, will include many exciting new features including the new Arc2Earth Cloud Services, a new free Community version of the software, as well as much more functionality.

Community Edition
V3 will include a Free version of Arc2Earth called Community Edition.  You will be able to use this edition for both commercial and non-commercial projects alike as well as install it on as many computers as needed.

This version has limits on what can imported and exported but we feel that it will be very functional for many of your projects.

This version can also be used to edit Arc2Earth based Cloud Layers.

Arc2Earth Cloud (beta)
Each A2E Enterprise user can create their own Google AppEngine accounts for hosting their data. Arc2Earth maintains the software on these clouds but the billing is handled directly through the user and Google.

Each A2E Cloud instance contains APIs for vector and raster storage and querying as well as partial compatibility with ESRI ArcGIS Server REST API (9.3, 9.4 when its released). There will be limits on the number of maps and layers you can load with each A2E Enterprise serial number however it will be easy to add serial numbers to existing clouds for more capacity.

Each Cloud contains Datasources, Tilesets and Viewers that represent your vector, map tile and application files. All of the data is accessible from a login controlled RESTful API. For example, you can create a new Datasource and immediately start populating it with Feature data. ArcMap users that have your Datasource loaded as a Cloud Layer will see your edits as they happen. Datasource API

Google AppEngine is designed for instant scalability as well as true utility based billing (only pay for what you use in addition to generous free daily limits). We believe the significance of the Cloud is mainly the extensive CapEx/OpEx savings for users. For instance, this simple Parcel Mapplet has been running for over a month with an OpEx cost of $0.00 (OpEx includes CPU time, storage, bandwidth and most importantly, IT personnel to keep it running)

Google Maps Data API
In addition to A2E Clouds, we will also be enabling editing from other providers as well. The first are Google MyMaps layers powered by the new Google Maps Data API.

Users can import/export directly into any new or existing MyMap and also perform live edits on any loaded layer as well. Live edits are handled as an interactive graphics annotation layer in ArcMap. If a Google Map only includes features of the same type, they can also be edited using the Cloud Layers interface above.

Other New Features of V3

  • Arc2Earth Cloud Explorer and Cloud Layers
    A new toolbar and explorer window in ArcMap to manage, upload and download your data from the Cloud. It also includes built-in functionality for live editing your Cloud layers (or other Cloud layers you have been granted write access to). Cloud Layers automatically syncronizes a local cache with the online datasource as the user pans/zooms around the map. The layer can then be edited directly in the ArcMap editor and all changes are then saved to back to the Cloud.
  • Google Earth Enterprise Layer Support
    A new feature to convert any ArcGIS layer’s symbology/definition into a GEE Fusion definition. Currently, many GEE users must perform this operation by hand for every change of styling in their ArcGIS systems.
  • Accounts
    Store and use multiple Amazon S3 and Google Accounts for use with your exports and the Cloud. For Amazon Accounts, define the exact Bucket name to use in exports.
  • Embedded Globes (beta)
    A new ActiveView manager takes over the main ArcMap map/layout section and embeds both Microsoft and Google’s maps. Layers in the TOC can then be displayed in real time over the 2D/3D maps (as images only). The new views can also be used on the Page Layout and higher resolution versions of the view can be printed/exported.
  • Map Tile Layer
    The MTL has many bug fixes and enhancements. Yahoo Maps have been added back into the default configuration. Any Cloud tile layer can also be used in the MTL. Also, a new Offline Cache tool has been added so users can download all tile images for a given extent and levels.
  • New Search Window in ArcMap
    Users can type any street address or place location and it will zoom to that area on the map or embedded globe. The initial search window in V3 will be limited to this simple geocoding but there are many enhancements planned.
  • New Command Line
    The Command Line exporter (A2EExporter.exe) has been rewritten and includes many new features for creating batch exports and including them in your own workflows. The Map Tile exporter also includes a cutter parameter to specify how many workers for the export and then automatically splits the extent for each worker.

More Information
GeoSpatial Training Services
is an authorized reseller of Arc2Earth software.  For more information please visit our site or contact us directly at sales at


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